UIF Unemployment Claims

Claiming UIF for Unemployment can be a difficult process to embark on – we take the difficulty out by providing support and guidance by ensuring your UIF forms are correct.

There are several scary-looking UIF documents to be completed and the queues at your local Department of Labour office are long and slow-moving. 

Our service includes:


  • Send you all necessary unemployment UIF forms from the Department of Labour for completion (including a guideline document how to complete them correctly) 

  • Check all UIF documents, which you completed for any errors and gaps to avoid any delays with the claim submission

  • Submit all forms to the Department of Labour

  • Answer all your questions as and when you need help

  • Submit UI6A / Continuation of payment forms on a monthly basis to the Department of Labour until completion of UIF unemployment claim.


Below you will find a few of the most important questions & answers.


1. What are the unemployment benefits paid by UIF?

Workers are entitled to UIF unemployment benefits for the period of involuntary unemployment for a duration of up to 12 months as prescribed by the Department of Labour. 

2.Do I qualify to receive unemployment benefits from the UIF?


In general everybody who has lost his/her job can claim UIF unemployment benefits from the government's Unemployed Insurance Fund.

You cannot claim if you resigned from your last job!

However there are a few criteria to consider to find out if you are eligible to claim for UIF benefits:

  • You must have contributed to UIF every month (ideally for up to 4 years to receive the maximum 12 months payout)

  • We can only assist if you have a South African ID number


If you have claimed UIF unemployment benefits in the last four years, you may not claim again depending on for how long you claimed and for how long you have been contributing again after your previous claim. Contact us so that we can discuss your specific situation.

3.When do I need to fill in all the documents and send to UIF-Hero?


Once we have established that you qualify for UIF unemployment benefits we will send you the relevant UIF forms.

4. When is the earliest an unemployment benefit claim can be submitted?

We can only submit the claim to the Department of Labour once you are officially unemployed.

5. How long does it take to process my UIF claim?
Government works at their own pace, but 2-3 months is a good estimate..

6.How can I get started?
Contact us on 021 201 1390 or hello@uif-hero.co.za for the initial free-of-charge evaluation. Once we established that you qualify for UIF we get cracking!
7. Are you a legitimate business?
Fair question. In these days of Internet fraud you want to be careful to whom you transfer money to. The best way to check us out is to look at our Facebook page. Dozens of past clients have rated us and given us wonderful compliments. You can also do a Google search and will find hundreds of 5-star reviews there. For other Hello Peter reviews - click here to be directed to Hello Peter.